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How To Take Care of Your Water Heater

Is there any maintenance required for a water heater? Yes, you should test the pressure relief valve regularly and replace it if it fails to operate. At least once a year you should flush out the sediments. As long as a tank has a functioning anode, it should not rust. Therefore you should check the… Read more »

Enbridge Ride a Success

The Enbridge Ride to Conquer Cancer, two-day cycling event took place on June 18-19, 2011 and was a great success.   I want to immediately thank all those who sponsored my ride and I am pleased to say that our team, the Titans raised over $75,000.   Collectively, all the participants raised over $11.1 million for the… Read more »

How to Fix a Leaky Toilet

Toilet keeps running? Now, the “smarty pants” answer is… Well catch it! But the practical answer is to do something about it. Most people jiggle the handle and the running water stops. The problem is; it’s only a short term solution. The sensible answer is to have a plumber check inside the toilet tank to… Read more »

13 Guidelines to hire the best Contractors for Home Renovations:

Homeowners are back to tackling home improvement projects this year, but too many are skipping two important steps in the hiring process. In a recent  survey, one-third of the consumers who responded admit they don’t verify a contractor’s license status. Plus, 16 percent confess they don’t fully read the home improvement contract before they sign… Read more »

Conserving Water Saves Money

What is the advantage of a low flow toilet? In today’s environmentally conscious society, conservation has had an impact on just about everything — including home improvement. Homeowners are building and remodeling their homes to conserve energy and save money. One such product is the advent of the low-flow toilet. They have been a part… Read more »

When do Rusty Pipes Need Replacing?

Homeowners should prepare a list of questions to ask a plumber to ensure he completely solves the rusted pipe issue and so that you understand the scope of the necessary repair work. Rusty pipes usually need to be completely replaced if you find rust in your drinking water. In some cases, water coming from the… Read more »

How Your BBQ Can Be More Fun

We’ve been asked if we know how to can get more use out of the barbeque? It seems people are always running out of briquettes or propane. Haven’t we all! Instead of having to call a taxi to take you to fill that propane bottle, (I mention the taxi because beers and barbecues seem to… Read more »

Going Green with Residential Plumbing

How can Eco-friendly plumbing save you money? It seems like everyone is talking about ‘going green’, and your plumbing is no exception. But aside from just helping the planet, eco-friendly plumbing can also save you some serious cash. If you’re building a new home, doing some remodeling, or just need to replace some old plumbing… Read more »

How To Reduce Water Usage & Save Money

Do faucet aerators conserve water? Faucet aerators help to direct the flow of water and, especially in the instance of homes where water is provided by a well, help to trap particulates before they enter your cup, bowl or pan. The market has many environmentally friendly low-flow aerators that restrict water flow to 1.5 to… Read more »

Ride To Conquer cancer

Many of my friends and colleagues have been touched in some way by cancer. Twenty years ago I joined the ranks of those who fought and survived. We are all either survivors; we are fighting our way through the disease; we have lost loved ones, or we are caring for loved ones with cancer. No… Read more »