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Around the House – CO Detectors

You Can’t See it, Hear it, or Smell it…But it’s There, All Right.  And the Worst Thing You Can Do is Ignore it! Every year, hundreds of people die from carbon monoxide poisoning, and thousands more become seriously ill.  So here’s a quick primer on CO causes, how to minimize their effects, and why you should… Read more »

Richmond Plumbing Tips for Home Owners:

  Most people are astounded at the impact of even tiny leaks in faucets or toilets. Leaks that are barely perceptible to the naked eye can waste thousands of gallons of fresh water a year, costing you hundreds of dollars in excess water bills. If you have a leak that you know of, get it… Read more »

Vancouver Plumbing Tips & Green Initiatives:

Here are some basic things homeowners should be aware of around the house. Plumbing plays a big role in our daily lives, and to keep things running smoothly here are a few things we can do to conserve water and go green initiatives: I will know where my water shut off valve is located. I will… Read more »