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Let’s Talk About Furnaces, Metro Vancouver

If you are not getting any heat in your home: Check the thermostat and furnace to see if it is on or if there is anything blocking the vents in your home preventing heat from circulating. If you are still not getting any heat in your home, it may be time to call in a heating professional… Read more »

Start Thinking About Getting a Furnace Tune-Up

You may think it is too early to even think of your furnace or heating your home but for heating companies like us; late summer and early fall is the time we start performing furnace tune-ups. People are starting to realize that having a regular/annual furnace tune-up is important to the energy efficiency/performance and life expectancy of their furnace. Proactive individuals schedule their furnace tune-ups before… Read more »

Lyric- A Smarter Thermostat

  Honeywell is trying to make the thermostat simpler, smarter and sexier with their Lyric thermostat. It has a classic round design that makes it look cooler than the regular rectangular shaped ones. The Lyric has a polished glass face and motion sense illumination that notifies the user that the changes have been entered (fancy)…. Read more »