5 More Tips to Keep the Warmth Inside Your Home

Posted on: January 4th, 2016 by Ashton Service Group

Last week we posted 5 tips to keep your home warm and we would like to share 5 more tips to keep the warmth inside.

1. Insulate hot water pipes.

Wrap the external hot water pipes with simple insulating tape which will reduce the heat loss from the hot water tank to the taps. This will also reduce the energy needed to get your hot water. You can buy insulating tape from your local hardware store.

2. Reflect heat with your radiators.

Put aluminum foil on the back of the radiator. This will reflect heat back into the room instead of having it float up to the ceiling. There is special reflective radiator foil, but the kitchen kind will work as well. You can also put up a shelf or table over the radiator ( don’t put anything directly on it). This traps the heat and let it spread more evenly through the room.

3. Reverse the ceiling fans.

Many ceiling fans have a “winter” setting, which reverses the fan so that it moves clockwise vs. counter-clockwise. Since heat rises, the clockwise-spinning fan will push the heat back down into your rooms versus being trapped up at the ceilings. This tip is especially recommended if your home has high or sloped ceilings. Test it out on a low speed, and see if it warms the room. No harm no foul if it doesn’t do the trick for you.

4. Move furniture away from vents. You may have moved furniture in front of heating vents when you moved in or rearranged the furniture. Go through the house and double check that your vents are not blocked. Find a way to arrange your furniture so every room is getting its maximum heat.

The larger the home is, the more expensive it is to heat. If you have any empty/rarely used rooms or storage space, close the door and seal it with a double draft seal. You won’t waste money heating a room you don’t use. Fill in the gap between your door and the floor with an insulating draftstopper.

5. Use heavy curtains for your windows.

Up to 40 per cent of the heat escaping from your home in the winter is from uncovered windows. Using heavy, lined curtains which go below the window frame will insulate your windows and help keep the warmth in. Draw your curtains/blinds once the sun sets to trap the heat that has come in during the day.

We at Ashton hope you will spend the holidays all warm and toasty. If your furnace/boiler or heat pump is acting up, please call us at 604-283-2383 for service. We have people on call 24/7.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

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