Air Conditioner Sound Levels

Posted on: June 9th, 2015 by Ashton Service Group

Even the quietest condensers make some noise, so it is important to work with air conditioner contractors to find a location to place the condenser that is not near a bedroom or office/study window where you need some peace and quiet. Below is a comparison table of how loud a condenser (outside unit) and the indoor unit is when they are in operation. The Mr. Slim models from Mitsubishi run very quietly and are one of their selling features. The indoor unit that will be installed inside a room can run even more quiet than someone carrying a conversation in a whisper and the outside unit is slightly louder than a bird chirping outside your home. mr. slim noise level

Different brands and models have different sound levels so please consult with your contractor to determine how loud each component may be. People also have to take into account their neighbours if residing in an apartment/condo or townhome complex.

There may be strata rules or bylaws that prohibit exceeding noise levels or permanent outdoor installations. It is time saving and efficient to get formal approval and a written letter from council that states you are allowed to put in an air conditioner outdoors and the maximum number of decibels it can be before calling an air conditioner contractor to get a quote.

It will save you all the time and effort you will put in in deciding the type of air conditioner you want and then finding out council will not allow you to install it, making you redo the whole process again and picking another type of unit to put in.

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