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Posted on: October 17th, 2013 by zach

Question: What is a 2-stage furnace and are they better than a single-stage furnace?


Two-stage furnaces have two levels of output: they can run on a low setting (first stage) to heat your home during mild/cool evenings and on high (second stage) when the days are colder.  The low setting normally meets the heating demand of a home 80% of the time and as the furnace runs for a longer period, the heat is evenly distributed throughout the home. Two stage furnaces can adjust their output from the low setting to high when the temperature drops so you do not have to keep adjusting the thermostat.

There are a number of benefits with having a 2-stage furnace such as the noise of the furnace is quieter as there is no “kick” or blast of air when the furnace turns on to full capacity as it is switching from the low setting to high. The low setting allows the filter to capture more contaminants because air is constantly passing through it.  The two-stage furnace burns less fuel as it normally operates on the lower setting before switching to high to meet demand unlike the standard one that runs only at full capacity and then shuts off when the desired temperature is reached.

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