How You Can Tell if a Furnace is Energy Efficient?

Posted on: October 23rd, 2015 by Ashton Service Group
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The best kind of furnace not only keeps your home warm, but should also be energy efficient. A good furnace is dependable, quiet and reduces frequent service calls and costs.

How efficient your furnace is based on how much energy the furnace uses to keep you home warm and how much the furnace loses or wastes heat. Some furnaces lose heat though the walls of the furnace cabinet, thus is not as efficient.  Furnace pilot lights can be a source of waste since it is constantly burning. Electric ignition furnaces eliminate the need for a pilot light, this feature can sometimes give up to 6% high efficiency.  Understanding the rating for how efficient your furnace is easy. For example, a 95.7 efficiency furnace means that for every $1 dollar spent on energy, 95.7 % is turned into heat for heating your home, while the remaining is lost. Thus, the higher the efficiency number, the more efficient your furnace.

A high efficiency furnace generally costs more. However, this difference can quickly be made up by reducing energy costs.

EnerGuide labeling is a requirement of Canada’s Energy Efficiency Regulations which set minimum energy performance standards for specified products and equipment. The Regulations stipulate whether the label is mandatory, how it should be displayed and what elements it must contain.

EnerGuide for heating and cooling equipment

The EnerGuide label provides that model’s AFUE/SEER rating, EE rating or FE rating, and a scale for similar models.

EnerGuide labels for heating and cooling equipment (except for room air conditioners) are administered by The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) in all provinces except Quebec.

Choosing a furnace can be a daunting task with so many manufacturers and brands on the market today. Finding the right furnace for your Vancouver area home involves expert knowledge from highly trained heating technicians. In order to find the right furnace for your home, we’ll sit down with you to go over your needs and expectations. Call us today for a free quotation and consultation today at 604-283-2383.

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