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Ductless Splits vs Window Shaker Air Conditioners

People have many choices for cooling down their home. A window shaker air conditioner is one inexpensive way to do it but they do come with some disadvantages. Their cooling capability is not comparable to a ductless split to give you the desired temperature or same level of cooling in the room. Why Not Use a Window Unit? – They’re… Read more »

Air Conditioning in Vancouver

Like it or not, it’s clear that Vancouver is experiencing ever changing weather patterns with mild winters and searing hot summer. Metro Vancouver saw record temperatures in the summer if 2015, causing not only numinous wildfires, but left many Vancouver residents suffering from the intense heat. As such, many homeowners are thinking about installing ductless… Read more »

What are Ductless/ Mini-Split Air Conditioners?

Ductless air-conditioners are also called mini-splits because the two components of the equipment are separated by distance. One half is the compressor, which sits outside, like the compressor on a central air-conditioner. The other half of the ductless system, the indoor air-handling unit, is wall-mounted and connected to the compressor by a pair of hidden pipes. The indoor unit… Read more »

Mini Split Air Conditioning System Installation and Repair

Mini Split Air Conditioning Systems (often called Ductless Split) are one of the most population options when installing an air conditioning unit in your home or business. Mini Split Systems, are small, quite and have the ability to cool large spaces efficiently. Ashton Service Group installs hundreds of Mini Split AC Systems in single family… Read more »

How to Save Energy Living In an Condo/Apartment Building

  As more people are choosing to live in condos and apartments due to their lifestyle and needing less space as they downsize from larger homes. Multi-residential buildings offer many amenities of being nearby to stores and restaurants. Your apartment building may have a gym, pool/spa and other communal spaces that a single family home may not have and… Read more »

7 Ways to Keep Cool During Hot Weather

All the meteorologists are saying the same thing that the rest of the week and weekend is going to be warm with temperatures reaching as high as 28ºC in Metro Vancouver. Remember it is only May! People may want to consider installing an air conditioner if it is something that they have planned and budgeted for. For those where installing an… Read more »