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Bathroom Fan Rebates from BC Hydro

Upgrading Your Bathroom Fans If you feel your current bathroom fan is not working as well as it used to or if your home ventilation seems poor it may be time to replace your bathroom fans. There are many Energy Star® rated bathroom fans that will save you on energy (electricity) costs while improving the air circulation and moisture removal… Read more »

Springtime Metro Vancouver HVAC and Plumbing Tips

Spring is here and after the Easter holidays and chocolate bunnies consumed it is time to do some tidying up. To prepare for the spring and warmer weather here are some household items you may have overlooked: 1.  Cleaning/maintaining your air conditioner. Most air conditioners have a drainage hole on the base of the cabinet…. Read more »

Air Purifiers to Help with Seasonal Allergies

  About 25% of Canadian suffer from seasonal allergies also known as  hay fever, so yourself or someone you know or work with may have them. Allergies have a strong genetic component — if your parents had allergies, unfortunately you are more likely to have them too. The most common allergy triggers are: Tree, grass, and weed… Read more »