Choosing A Plumber in Metro Vancouver

Posted on: February 6th, 2015 by Ashton Service Group

Vancouver PlumberMost people do not have a list or name of a plumbing company on hand to call when a plumbing issue comes up. If you are like the majority of people in Metro Vancouver, you probably go online and Google “plumbing company/plumber in ____ (city where you live)” look at the company’s website and read the reviews or go to the Yellow Pages and look for one there. Here are a number of other items you may wish to use to help you pick a plumbing or heating contractor/company to use in the future.


You can save yourself some anxiety and stress on choosing a plumbing company by first asking your friends, family and coworkers on who they would recommend or have used in the past. Most people do not need the services of a plumber regularly but in your group of friends, there will be at least 1-2 people who have or know of someone who has used one and can tell you the name of a company to use and which one(s) to avoid or they did not have a good experience with.

Even reading a company’s reviews is helpful. Do not only consult the company’s website reviews as the majority of company’s highlight their best work and satisfied customers. You will want to look at different sites such as their Facebook page, Yelp, Google+, Homestars or even ReviewBuzz which has most of a company’s reviews from different sites located in one place. These 3rd party review sites have to be taken with a grain of salt too as people only post a review if they are really happy or really dissatisfied with the work/experience.

Professional Referrals

You may not have used a plumber before but may have had an electrician, contractor, roofer or windows company at your home. If they have been in their industry a while, there is a good chance that they have contacts and know of other people in different trades. Do not be afraid to call them up and ask for a referral as most home improvement companies receive new business on word of mouth. Also let the plumber/ company know who referred you.

Company Appearance

I call this section company appearance as how they look online reveals a great deal on how you can expect them to be when they arrive at your door. Look over the company’s online presence. Do they have a website and is it updated regularly and does it look professional.

This shows that the company is professional and customer service oriented. While on their webpage, look around and see how long they have been in business. The longer they have been operating assures that you will be able to contact them if you need their service again or if the repair was not finished/complete. It takes a lot of effort and money to create a website and take it down if the person/company is not legitimate or professional.

Call the company that you want to use and pay attention to who answers the phone. A reliable plumbing company will be easy to contact and have different ways for you to get in touch with them at any time of the day.

Does the company guarantee/warranty its work. It is an industry standard to offer some type of parts and labour warranty. It does vary from company to company so it is important to ask. If the company does not offer a warranty and the work they do does not fix the problem, you will have to pay additional costs to get it repaired on top of what you have already spent and that can turn into an even more expensive repair than you expected it to be. Using price to determine who to use is not the best factor and you should consider the after service care that may be provided.

Professional Affiliations

It is recommended to hire only a licensed plumber, without one a plumber’s credentials is unknown and if any problems appear after the work has been completed, insurance companies may not honour any claims on potential damages. A plumbing company that is licensed usually always has insurance too. An uninsured plumber could sue you if they are hurt while working at your house. It is good to be thorough and see if the plumbing company has coverage with WorkSafe BC that shows they promote a healthy and safe workplace for their employees.

Has the company won any awards or are part of any professional associations and organizations. This shows that the company has not only been in business for a while but has been doing it well enough to be recognized for it from other people/businesses and holds itself to the conduct and behaviour that is required to be a member of the organizations.

We at Ashton Service Group believe that we pay attention to above points and you can read about it yourself. Selecting any type of contractor to work in your home is very personal as it is like asking a stranger to come and spend a couple of hours in your home and it can be very anxious especially if you do not have a good feeling about them when they show up at your door. To address this concern, Ashton sends a picture and short bio of the technician you can expect to arrive at your door so you will get an understanding of who the person is.

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