commercial_1Associated Labels (production plant), Coquitlam BC
commercial_2Hollypark Public Washroom – The Corporation of Delta
commercial_3Buck and Ear Pub at the Steveston Hotel, Richmond BC
commercial_4Rogers Arena, Vancouver BC

Commercial Plumbing Services


(Steveston Pool)

Time is money and dysfunctional plumbing can cause havoc to the daily operations of a business instead of providing the infrastructure support it is suppose to do.

Nobody understands the urgent need for prompt service better than Ashton. From single retail stores to large shopping centers, residential towers to industrial plants, business owners and controllers alike know the value of a dependable commercial plumbing  contractor.

Even when it comes to resorts and city districts, Ashton has become the go-to service provider in Metro Vancouver for repairs, repiping, backflow testing, water meters and plumbing maintenance contracts.


Commercial Property Management

Commercial property managers are the protectors of leased or managed space, and in many cases our technicians perform behind the scenes work to ensure business is able to continue. Hundreds of property managers trust our team to diagnose and repair their plumbing, HVAC, heating and mechanical systems quickly and on-budget.

When comfort levels are a problem, call Ashton Service Group at 604.283.2383.

Planned Maintenance

Savvy property managers and strata councils alike know that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Ashton preventative maintenance contracts are worth their weight in gold when it comes to preventing breakdowns, leaks, floods and other disasters.

We estimate that we save our clients millions of dollars in repair costs and insurance premiums every year! Our client base ranges in size from small condo complexes to all encompassing municipal contracts.

Commercial Plumbing

Every commercial plumbing system is unique and presents its own challenge. We rise to that challenge by providing you with experienced technicians capable of taking the most complicated project from design to completion.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains are always a headache. They can shut down a hotel or force the closure of your office washrooms or leased residential homes. Backed up drains create a real inconvenience and is a situation that usually needs to be dealt with immediately.

If your drains get plugged or your lines are backed up call Ashton and we’ll be right over with equipment and experienced personnel… Problem Solved!

Call Ashton Service Group at 604.283.2383, we have plumbers available 24/7 to help take care of all your plumbing needs.

What a Happy Customer Had To Say:

“It has been our privilege to have dealt with Ashton Mechanical for 7 years. They have been a breath of fresh air in the maintenance of our home and our business. Nice people, great professionals, great attitudes. I would certainly recommend them to anyone looking for quality and reliable workmanship.”

-Commercial Client, Vancouver