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Why Choose Ashton for your Furnace and Air Conditioning Installation and Repair?

Q1stLogo-2008For over 27 years, Ashton Service Group has been committed to satisfying our clients every single day. That’s why each one of our home comfort consultants are Quality First (TECA) certified, a required certification for all HVAC technicians in British Columbia. Our clients expect 100% satisfaction and our owners wouldn’t have it any other way. For any reasons if you’re not satisfied with our work, we promise to make it right.

Free In Home Consultation

Ashton believes in customer service and quality workmanship. Our mission is to find a furnace that’s right for you and your home.
That’s why at Ashton, we have certified and experienced home comfort experts who will visit you to conduct a free, in-depth analysis of your home and your needs. Only after our comfort experts conduct a heat loss calculation on your home can we start to find a furnace that’s right for you.

After our analysis,  our heating experts will sit down with you to go over different options available to you based on your needs and requirements.

Click to view our comprehensive home analysis survey our home comfort experts will conduct.

Home Heat Loss Calculation?

House-Heat-Loss-Diagram-1024x877Homes come in all shapes, sizes and built with different materials. This is why a Home Heat Loss Calculations is very important in designing the right heating system for you home.

Size of windows, square footage of the home, building materials, ducting and various variables will determine how much heat is dissipated though windows and walls. A thorough Heat Loss Analysis will allows us to find the perfect furnace for your home


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