Cost of a Leaky Faucet or Running Toilet

Posted on: May 24th, 2016 by Ashton Service Group

Leaky Faucets Add Up Over Time

It is easy to live with the dripping sound of a leaky faucet as it becomes part of your background noise in your home but if you collected and kept all the water that dripped out of the showerhead or faucet you would be surprised by the amount of water you would have.

Take a look at the pictogram below and see how much water that would have went down the drain. If your house had a water meter installed you would get the leaky faucet or running toilet tended to right away as you would be charged based on usage. We recommend getting the leaking faucet looked at to reduce water waste. There are many how to videos to walk you through repairing a leaky faucet which can be found through a simple Google search.

Don’t forget to turn off the water supply to the sink so you don’t get sprayed by accident.

Note: There are 4 types of sink faucets: compression, cartridge (sleeve), ceramic disk, and ball type.

leaky faucet, running toilet

If you are not handy, please feel free to give us a call and we can schedule a plumber to take a look for you.

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