Ductless Split Maintenance

Posted on: May 2nd, 2016 by Ashton Service Group

Mitsubishi ductless split head
Congratulations! if you have an ductless split/ air conditioner in your home. You are one of the growing number of homes in Metro Vancouver who are fed up with leaving windows open and fans on during the night.

You get to enjoy the benefits of staying cool in you home and sleeping well through the night during the hot summer and spring season. As with other major mechanical equipment in your home like your furnace or boiler , the ductless split requires some maintenance to ensure it is running at peak performance.

Prior to starting the air conditioner for the first time this season it would be best to get an inspection and maintenance to ensure all the operations and controls are working properly.

Below are some things you can do to keep your air conditioner investment running.

1) Clean the Filters

As you can see in the image above the mesh/net looking cover inside the head is the filter. With the metal rod in the middle dividing it there are two filters inside the indoor unit of a ductless mini split/head. The filters catch dirt, dust and other particles  in the air before the cool air is blown into the room. If you are able , you can remove these filters and vacuum them after the first full month of operation and then every couple of months after.

If you have pets such as a dog or cat, we recommend you to check these filters every couple of weeks for the first couple of months to determine the frequency of cleaning these filters as fur and down are easily trapped in the filters and restrict the flow of air.

If you do not clean these filters they will become clogged and will restrict the air flow and your unit will struggle to get the room to the temperature you set on the thermostat. The unit will work harder and use more energy but the desired cool temperature will not be met.

2) Clear Any Obstructions Away from Outdoor Unit

The next maintenance point for a ductless heat pump is to ensure the outdoor unit stays clear of snow in the winter (not likely in Vancouver), grass and weeds in the summer and leaves or branches in the fall.

If the outdoor unit does not have clear air flow than it is forced to work harder to produce the right amount of heating or cooling. Overworking the outdoor and indoor unit will eventually lead to premature breakdowns and equipment failure. So it is really important to make sure things are not blocking them from freely drawing and expelling air into the environment.

3) Annual Outdoor & Indoor Coil Cleaning

It is recommended to have a heating/cooling contractor come to clean any build up of dirt or grime on the outdoor unit coil as well as the indoor unit coil. The contractor will use a special solvent solution and equipment to deep clean the coils that won’t damage them.

This service is comparable to an annual furnace maintenance. This coil cleaning will ensure your unit is ship shape and ready for the next cooling or heating season.

Do not use a pressure washer or high pressure hose to spray your outdoor unit. This can cause damage to the outdoor coil and cause the air conditioning unit to not function.

If you would like to schedule your air conditioner maintenance, please give us a call at 604-283-2383.

If you had your air conditioner installed by us last year then you may be due to have your AC maintenance as Ashton includes the first maintenance at no charge in our installation package.

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