Earth Day: Looking at What We Are Doing

Posted on: April 22nd, 2015 by Ashton Service Group
earth day

Earth Day has arrived where everyone pays more attention to environmental respect and look at what kind of actions and behaviour changes they can do to lessens our impact on the earth.

Here at Ashton we try our best to reduce our environmental impact in different ways and we are always looking to do more.

Over a year ago Ashton switched from having bottled water delivered to our office to installing a water filtration system available for our employees and guests to fill up their glasses and reusable drink containers whenever they needed water. We have switched from purchasing instant and grounds for our coffee makers to an automated machine that grinds the coffee beans for our cups of coffee.

We like to recycle and have numerous blue boxes all around the office to encourage recycling of paper materials. In our kitchen we have a large recycling receptacle to collect any bottles, cartons and drink containers that people may have consumed through the course of the day and keep them out of the trash and returned for deposit.

Ashton is working on reducing the amount of paper the office goes through and thanks to our customers who are reducing their paper use are requesting electronic versions of reports, quotes and invoices. It is starting to make a difference in the amount of paper we go through.

We also recycle pipes and other materials from our job sites to keep our garbage volume down and items out of the landfill. Every year Ashton is making improvements on how to be more environmentally friendly. Let’s see what changes have occurred when the next Earth Day comes around.


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