Halloween is Over…Now What to Do with Your Pumpkin

Posted on: November 1st, 2016 by Ashton Service Group

Halloween 2016 has come and gone. Some had many trick or treaters, others in the office only a handful of visitors. Now it is very easy to take care of the leftover candy and chocolates but what to do with your jack-o-lantern/ pumpkin?

Eat It

Your pumpkin is in good shape having survived Halloween without being kicked or knocked over by people.  It was not painted or sprayed and if you used a real candle to light your pumpkin-  you have removed it and any burned sections or wax.

Why not try eating the pumpkin by making puree. Pumpkin puree can be used in many delicious recipes such as muffins, breads, soups, or pies. Good Housekeeping says making puree is relatively simple and you can boil, bake or steam it. If you cannot use all the puree at once, you can freeze it for future meal ideas.

Turn it into a birdfeeder

If you are a birder or have children who loves birds. Why not turn your pumpkin into a natural birdfeeder? All you need to do is cut your pumpkin in half , poke 4 holes into the pumpkin and use twine or string to hang the pumpkin up. If there is nowhere to hang it, leave it on a bench, table or chair and fill with bird seeds. Then sit back and watch the birds come for dinner.

Use as a plant pot

Pumpkins usually last for a few more weeks after Halloween and takes a while for them to decompose. You can use the pumpkin as planter by placing a small potted plant into it and draw the nutrients from the pumpkin.

Compost it

If you want to just be rid of your pumpkin and don’t want to try any of the above ideas, you can recycle it. Cut the pumpkin into smaller pieces and put it in your garden compost pile. The pumpkin will decompose and release the nutrients into the soil. If you do not have a compost or garden, you can place the pumpkin in your green (food waste) bin for pick up.

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