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IQAir GC MultiGas

IQAir GC MultiGas

Product Overview

  • GC MultiGas packs the chemical removal power of more than 100 gas masks into its filter cartridges
  • Designed with 320-degree air delivery to supply more air in more directions without drafts or noise. Evenly returns cleaned air through a large 320-degree EvenFlow™ vented diffuser
  • Advanced 4-stage filtration of gases & particle
  1. Micro- and nano-particle filtration: The first stage of filtration features a powerful HyperHEPA® pre-filter that eliminates micro- and nano-particles such as allergens, smoke, bacteria and viruses.
  2. Cartridge-based activated carbon adsorption: Eliminates volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are responsible for odors.
  3. Cartridge-based chemisorption: Destroys harmful chemicals, such as formaldehyde, by an oxidation process inside a chemically active alumina pellet.
  4. Micro-charged filtration: Eliminates activated carbon and chemisorption abrasion particles through a charged fiber structure.
  • Remote control features six fan speeds and its streamlined system controls allow you to easily program automatic operation via a day/night timer
  • IQAir New Edition fan is suspended in a housing unit that isolates the fan from the housing with eight shock absorbers to further reduce noise
  • Built-in guiding handle on top and sturdy casters on the bottom of the GC MultiGas make it simple to roll around the room or house
  • 5 years manufacturer’s warranty against defects in labour or parts. Filters are exempt.

*** One micron = 1/25,000 of an inch in diameter

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