Last Minute Christmas Shopping Tips in Metro Vancouver

Posted on: December 22nd, 2014 by Ashton Service Group

Christmas Countdown in Metro Vancouver Only 3 days left until Christmas and if you are like a lot of people, you have not finished your Christmas shopping. Around the same time last year, 69% of Canadians polled have not finished their holiday shopping and 22% said they haven’t even started. Thank goodness there are many shopping malls in Metro Vancouver that are staying open late for last minute shoppers.

We have some tips that we use when we are caught missing one or two or more gifts that we have not gotten around to yet. One thing we like to do is go search online for possible gift ideas and looks at different brands, models and colours available. Some websites have the store stock feature where you can select the store that is nearest to you and find out how many are left in store. Some stores let you order the item online and pick it up in store like Best Buy and Canadian Tire.

91% of Canadians according to a Google Canada survey was that we like to do some research online before buying. 60% of us will go online to do some research and then we will go buy the item in store.

Metro Vancouver last minute Christma shopping
Lots of people believe in making a list of the names of people who you are buying gifts for and the budget of how much you are going to be spending on them. This helps you avoid forgetting someone until after you get home thinking you are done all your shopping and realizing that you have to go back to the mall/store again.

Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a fair bit of walking and standing in lines and trying to avoid the crowds of people as you are dashing from store to store getting the items on your list. It will also be helpful to bring a reusable shopping/canvas bag to help manage the number of bags and packages that you will be carrying around. Put smaller items into larger bags to help save your fingers from having to hold onto so many handles and worry that you have lost/dropped a bag.

Remember to fuel up with food and water before going shopping as it takes a lot of energy to pick out the perfect gifts. It is hard to shop on a empty stomach and you are losing time spent at the food court.

Go to the stores early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the crowds of people as they will be at work or home for dinner. Lots of stores are open later closer to Christmas and some stores like Superstore and Walmart are open 24 hours or late into the night in Metro Vancouver.

Shopping in Metro Vancouver

We hope everyone has a great Christmas holiday in Metro Vancouver and are ready with all their presents wrapped and under the tree.

If you happen to need service over the Christmas holiday, feel free to give us a call at 604-283-2383.



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