Ductless Splits vs Window Shaker Air Conditioners

Posted on: May 18th, 2016 by Ashton Service Group

People have many choices for cooling down their home. A window shaker air conditioner is one inexpensive way to do it but they do come with some disadvantages. Their cooling capability is not comparable to a ductless split to give you the desired temperature or same level of cooling in the room.

Why Not Use a Window Unit?

window shaker ac

– They’re an invitation for burglars and intruders due to the window where the unit is placed.
– Your view outside and incoming light is blocked.
– Old window units are ugly, sweaty and add no value to your home.
– The noise levels of the window unit cycling on and off during the night can disturb your sleep especially if someone in your home is a light sleeper.
– Window units need to be installed every summer and stored every winter. It can be a chore to do this twice a year every year.

Benefits of a Ductless Split Air Conditioner

Mr. Slim ductless split
– Stylish and secure.
– Full use of your window.
Whisper quiet
– Adds value to your home if you decide to sell in the future.
– Compact and can be installed almost anywhere.
– Typically, window units only come in cooling-only models whereas ductless splits have both cooling-only and heat pump models.
– Install it once and leave it where it is year round.
Energy savings. Uses less energy vs conventional systems.

If you are considering putting in an air conditioner in your home and would like recommendations on how to best cool your home.

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