Preparing Your AC for the Summer

Posted on: June 4th, 2014 by Ashton Service Group
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June is here which means summer is just around the corner hopefully bringing the hot summer days to us in Metro Vancouver. If you are one of a growing number of people who have an air conditioner installed in your home, there are a few things to do before turning the AC on.

#1: Check and clean your AC

If your outside air conditioner component is covered, remove the cover. Before switching  your thermostat from the heat section to cool, make sure that there is nothing in the way of the unit’s air flow, including debris, grass, leaves, plants, or paper.

Mow the grass or prune back any vegetation to ensure that air can be easily drawn into and out of the unit. Check that your AC unit is still level, and that nothing over the Winter has caused the unit to shift or move.

Tip #2: Program your thermostat

Check that the programmable thermostat is set for the cooling season. The key is to program the thermostat to adjust times and temperatures to correspond to your lifestyle so when people are at home the air conditioner is running and turns off during times when cool air is not needed.

You should set the thermostat a little higher for when you’re not going to be home to help save on energy costs.

Tip #3: AC tuneup/ maintenance

It is recommended to have a professional HVAC technician come out to your house to do an annual maintenance to check the air conditioner.

The technician will look at a number of components such as the air filter, the coolant level as well as clean the evaporator, condenser coils etc. to make sure the AC runs efficiently which will in turn help prolong the life of the unit.

If you would like to have your air conditioner checked out before the cooling season starts than feel free to call one of our customer service representatives to schedule an appointment at 604-283-2383.

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