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Indoor Air Quality Products

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If you suffer from seasonal allergies, are sensitive to dust, pollen and hay fever, you may want to think about installing an indoor air quality product.

An indoor air quality product is able to remove unhealthy indoor air and allergens and replace it with fresh air from outside your home without wasting the heat or cool air that is inside your Metro Vancouver area home.

Indoor air can be five to 100 times more polluted than the air outside, and an indoor air quality product can increase your comfort and reduce the allergy symptoms.

When you call us for a consultation, our technicians will evaluate a number of factors to determine the right fit and model of indoor air quality product for your home and your family’s needs.

We will look at:

– Size of your home

– Age of your house

– Number of rooms

– Climate characteristics

– Utility costs

– Lifestyle

– Budget

Ashton Service Group also offers manufacturers warranties as well as extended warranty options in addition to maintenance plans to ensure your indoor air quality product is operating efficiently in Metro Vancouver’s climate.


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The temperature and comfort level in your home is affected by the amount of humidity in the air. When the air is heated, the “relative humidity” drops and results

in static shocks, cracked woodwork and even respiratory issues. Insufficient humidity also makes you feel colder, tempting you to turn the thermostat up higher than necessary.

Ashton Service Group can install whole humidifier systems  that can work seamlessly with your existing HVAC (furnace) system, humidifying your entire home—the additional maintenance of having multiple humidifiers for each room in your home.

Bacteria, viruses and respiratory infections are more abundant in very dry conditions. That’s why it’s so important to maintain proper levels of humidity, which puts you and your family at a higher risk of infection. A whole home humidifier provides optimum levels of humidity, filling your home with healthier/cleaner air.

Properly humidified air will protect valuables like art, musical instruments, leather and precious antiques. It also keeps wooden floors and the woodwork around doors and windows from cracking.

We have humidifiers that use a natural evaporation process to generate humidity. Water flows through an evaporative pad and warm air from the furnace is drawn through it. This creates the water vapour that your HVAC system circulates throughout your home for optimum comfort.

If you would like Ashton Service Group has additional options such as an automatic humidifier control that can monitor and automatically adjusts humidity set point based on the inside relative humidity and outdoor temperature. There is also the Green LED which is a homeowner notification tool that indicates when it is time to change the water panel.

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