Save on Your Heating Costs this Winter

Posted on: December 3rd, 2014 by Ashton Service Group
Vancouver Heating Tips

As the temperature continues to drop and Metro Vancouver is getting colder than normal temperatures for the West Coast, homes are using more energy to heat their homes.

Fortis BC says the highest peak of energy use is between 4pm-8pm when people are getting home after work and school and are making dinner and doing other chores/activities. 83% of the energy used for heating is between the months of October to March and we are right in the thick of it.

There are a number of things you can do to not crank up the thermostat such as:

Only heat the rooms you’re using.  People know about this just like turning off lights in rooms no one are using. Close the air registers/vents or lower the thermostat if you have baseboard heaters. Then close the door to the room to keep the warm air in the other parts of the house.  Avoid heating non-insulated spaces such as a garage, crawlspace, or shed as the heat will get loss.

Lower your thermostat. Set or program it to 20 °C for when you are home and 17 °C when out or asleep and you could save up to 15 per cent on your home heating bills. When it’s extra chilly, try putting on a sweater or socks instead of turning up the heat if you are really committed to saving money on your energy bill.

Vancouver Weatherstripping

 Heat can escape from unlikely places. To prevent heat from escaping through your windows and doors, caulk the interior side of windows that don’t open where the sash meets the frame as well as where the trim meets the wall. For exterior doors and windows that open, apply weatherstripping where the two surfaces meet. To stop drafts under the door, install a door sweep on the bottom edge to help stop heat from escaping through those nooks and crannies.

  •  Don’t crowd your heating system. Leave space around your furnace or boiler, and ensure there are no flammable materials nearby.  Cleaning products and aerosols should be kept well away. Keep outdoor units free of vegetation and clutter to allow air to pass freely and not have the unit have to run/work harder than normal.

Keep your furnace or heat pump clean and well maintained. A dirty furnace or heat pump filter delivers less warm air. Replace it as recommended by the manufacturer, usually every three to six months, more frequently if you smoke or have pets as the particles and fur clog up the filter quicker. Also get your heat pump/furnace serviced every year to ensure the system is running efficiently and there are no issues when it is operating during the winter.

If you would like to schedule a heating inspection/service, please give Ashton Service Group a call as we have vans all over Metro Vancouver at 604-283-2383.

Stay warm this winter.

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