Thank You In Return

Posted on: November 14th, 2011 by zach

Dear Mr. Busey:

I want to thank you for recommending Ashton Service Group to take a look at my 93 year old mother’s hot water boiler.

We replaced the old boiler February this year because the old one was leaking. Shortly after the boiler was installed, it would give out a high pitch screaming sound every time it came on.  He called the mechanic that installed it to come back to fix it. There is supposed to be a one year warranty. The mechanic came back several times. Each time, the screaming sound stopped for a while but then, after a month or so, the screaming would come back. We called the installer each time this happened and he did come several times. Finally, he said that the problem is not the furnace itself. It is because the pipes were dirty. He said that the pipes have to be drained and cleaned. We agreed to call him back in the summer when we can turn off the heat without getting cold.

In July this year, I called the mechanic to say that the weather was warmer and we could turn off the furnace to drain out the pipe. He said he was going to call me the next week. He never called. By end of August, I called and he said he will call me the following week. Finally, in September, I called him again. I also told him that a friend was visiting and heard the screaming. He took a look and said that the noise was actually coming from the furnace itself.

The mechanic was upset at that and said there is nothing wrong with the furnace. He insisted the pipes were very dirty. He said that he has already put in tons of cleaner and he needs to charge us when he comes again. We were prepared to pay even though there is a one year warranty. We told him we will pay and asked him to come. He never came. Perhaps, he was waiting for the warranty to expire in February. But then it will be in the middle of winter and we cannot turn off the heat because of our aged mother. It was at that point that we knew we needed a second opinion.

I am very impressed with your receptionist for taking my call and referring me to talk to you. I am very thankful that you recommended Ashton Service Group to come and take a look. They came September, so It is now slightly more than a month since they came. The furnace is not making the high-pitched screaming sound and so far it is quiet and warm. We hope it will continue to provide enough warmth to our mother this coming winter.

We appreciate your help. We will recommend your referral service and Ashton Service Group to our friends and relatives.

Sincerely Yours,
Vancouver Resident

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