Tips to Lower Your Heating Bill

Posted on: January 14th, 2014 by zach
Warm House

Vancouver has experienced some chilly days and nights over the past couple months but not as bad as other parts of the country who are digging out from a snowstorm or cleaning up from flash flooding.

People have cranked up the heat to keep their homes warm and toasty and with rising gas and electricity rates going into effect at the beginning of this year; we at Ashton Service Group, your Vancouver and Richmond heating and furnace experts would like to offer some tips to help lower your heating bill.

Here are a few simple tips you can do:

    • Keep your thermostat settings as low as you and your family can stand. This one is easy to do and by lowering your thermostat a few degrees over the course of a month can have a significant impact.
    • Clean baseboard heaters, and radiators. Ensure there are no blockages by furniture, carpeting or curtains/drapes as this prevents the warm air from circulating and warming the entire room
    • Close unoccupied rooms. If you have a room that is isolated from the rest of the house or no one uses regularly, close the door to conserve heat for the rest of the house.
    • Turn off ventilation/exhaust fans. Kitchen, bath and other exhaust fans can pull out a lot of warmed or cooled air in an hour, so be sure to turn off exhaust fans as soon as they have done the job.
    • Let the sun in. Keep curtains and blinds on south-facing windows open during the winter to allow sunlight to enter your home; keep them closed at night to reduce the chill you may feel from cold windows.

A licensed heating technician can assess your heating system to ensure it is running safely and efficiently. Call Ashton Service Group at 604-283-2383 to schedule a furnace maintenance or service to make certain your system is running at its optimal performance.

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