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Trenchless Drain Line Repair & Replacement – Pipe Bursting

In the not so distant past, a broken sewer or main drain line would mean a large piece of equipment would have to be brought in to dig up the old line so a new one could be put in its place. If there were not enough room for a mechanical digger, a trench would need to be dug by hand. A drain line replacement was a costly, messy, time-consuming affair then. Today, however, it is much simpler with less digging required. In many situations we can perform a trenchless drain line replacement.

After first using a video drain line inspection camera to inspect the damaged drainage pipe, our plumbers can determine if a trenchless drain replacement is possible for your Vancouver area home. When using trenchless technology small holes are dug at either end of the old pipe. The pipe bursting method draws a new sewer pipe through the old one splitting it as it goes. One method is to use the old pipe as a conduit and use relining to construct a new pipe within the old one. A bladder with an epoxy resin coating is inflated inside the old pipe. The resin hardens making a new pipe inside the old one and the bladder is deflated and removed. In either case the new pipes are connected at both ends and another look through by a remote controlled drain inspection camera inspects the new water line for any problems.

Trenchless sewer line replacement eliminates the need to dig up sidewalks and move landscaping features. It prevents the possibility of damage to trees and foundations. No ugly trench dissecting your yard, no giant machine digging and tracking up your lawn, instead just a couple of holes easily and quickly repaired. Less time spent replacing a water mainline means less cost for you, and the quicker your yard and life can return to normal. As always we combine quality parts with our Ashton service guarantee. Give us a call for all of your sewer pipe relining, repair & replacement and drain line repair & replacement needs. We have performed this pipe bursting service in Richmond, Surrey, Burnaby, Langley, Delta, New Westminster and homes all over the metro Vancouver, BC area.


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