Vancouver Water Heater Tune Up

Posted on: April 1st, 2013 by zach

This month at Ashton is water heater month.  Did you know that the average life of a hot water tank is just 7 years? Did you know that there is a way that you can prolong the life of your tank to 10 years? This month we are offering a water heater tune up for just $38! Regular maintenance is crucial for making any mechanical equipment last longer.

One critical piece of your hot water tank that is often overlooked by plumbing professionals. The anode. The anode is a magnesium rod that sits inside your tank. The rod gives up its electrons to the tank preventing corrosion.  If your anode is corroded, it means that it is no longer protecting the tank. Replacing your anode is a simple way to extend the life of the tank!

Our tune up includes:

Anode inspection

Drain the tank and reduce sediment

Inspect gas venting for carbon monoxide emissions

Inspect for rust, signs of wear and safe installation

Advise for upgrade or improvement of water heater.

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