Samsung Washing Machine Safety Advisory

Posted on: October 20th, 2016 by Ashton Service Group
washing machine

Samsung is working with Health Canada to address potential safety issues with certain top-loading, high-efficiency washing machines that can vibrate so much to cause a risk of injury or damage property.

Washing bedding, bulky items such as winter coats or a load of jeans on certain settings may cause the washers to vibrate abnormally and customers should only use the delicate cycle when washing these items. This warning only applies to washing machines that were manufactured between March 2011 and April 2106.

Some machines under the Kenmore brand may be affected too. Fortunately there have no reports of injuries in Canada. Samsung’s Canadian operation has set up a toll free phone number and has provided two websites for people to enter their 15-digit serial number (found at the back of the washer) to check if your washing machine is part of the notice.

If you have any concerns with your Samsung/Kenmore top loading washing machines please check the website or  1-866-264-5636 (8AM to 10PM EST, 7 days a week).

While checking to see if your washing machine is one of the affected matters, take a look and see if your washing machine is connect to bare rubber hoses or if they are ones that are encased in a metal sleeve. Washing machine hoses are prone to leaks or even bursting as they are under constant water pressure. The metal sleeve no-burst hoses prevent weak spots in the rubber from developing into leaks and possible thousands of dollars worth of water damage.

Some insurance companies provide savings in their policy to home owners if they can show they are taking precautions in reducing leaks in their home such as replacing laundry hoses or having a leak/ water detection system.

You can call Ashton Service Group at 604-283-2383 to help replace your laundry machine hoses but we do not work or repair appliances such as washer or dryers.

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