Your Furnace’s Pilot Light Goes Out

Posted on: October 28th, 2015 by Ashton Service Group
pilot light

The pilot light on a gas furnace can go out because of drafts. Most natural gas appliances with pilot lights are designed to shut off automatically if the pilot goes out.

To locate your furnace’s pilot light assembly follow the below directions.

On some gas furnaces and heaters, a plug-type door covers the pilot light assembly. To access the pilot burner, pull the door out of the furnace housing. On other units, remove the panel that covers the pilot light and gas burners.

The pilot light controls, reset buttons, gas valves and thermocouple are usually contained in an assembly at the front of the furnace. The furnace limit switch is located on the main chamber or main duct junction on the upper housing of the furnace.

To relight the pilot, follow the manufacturer’s instructions exactly; they’re usually fastened to the furnace. If instructions for relighting the pilot are not provided, follow this general procedure:

Step 1: Find pilot light assembly. It typically has a gas valve with On, Off and Pilot settings on it.

Step 2: Turn the valve to the OFF position and a couple minutes.

Step 3: Switch valve to PILOT setting. Hold a lit match to the pilot opening while you push the reset button on the pilot control panel. Keep this button pressed until the pilot flame burns brightly, then set the valve to the ON position.

Step 4: If the pilot flame won’t stay lit, the opening may be clogged. Turn the gas valve OFF and clean the opening with piece of fine wire. If it won’t stay lit after several attempts, you may have a faulty thermocouple and if you are not comfortable, please call a professional heating contractor like Ashton Service Group to take it from there .

Newer models of gas furnaces have an electrical system to ignite the gas and do not have a standing pilot light. Check your owner’s manual for instructions.

Instead, an electric element heats up and ignites the burners. If this electric ignition system malfunctions, call a professional gas contractor.

Ashton Service Group has TECA certified technicians who have been trained specifically in residential heating, ventilating and cooling industry. We are also a licensed gas contractor and are listed on Fortis BC’s website.

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