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Customer story in North Vancouver

Cooling a duplex with ductless AC


Ariane K., a North Vancouver homeowner, needed to install ductless air conditioning in her duplex. She originally contacted another Vancouver HVAC company, but wasn't satisfied with their cheap solution and excuse for not being able to install a unit in her bedroom. Because of a medical condition, Ariane needed a strong, reliable AC system. And she wanted assurance that it would be installed correctly and quickly. So, she called Ashton Service Group.


We sent our AC techs Ben and Mike, along with an electrician, to Ariane's home. Despite the challenging layout of the duplex, our team had no problem installing the ductless unit where Ariane needed it. Ariane was relieved that she went with Ashton, and is confident that the system will give her peace of mind for years to come.

"So relieved we went with them"

We hired Ashton to install a ductless air conditioning unit for our duplex, and were very happy with the work by Ben and Mike, and the electrician they brought in. They worked quickly and did a tidy job, and were pleasant to have around... Now that we have the unit Ashton installed in place, we are so relieved we went with them instead, as the cheaper hack of a solution clearly wouldn't have done an adequate job.

Ariane K. from North Vancouver, BC

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