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Customer story in West Vancouver

"Why is water coming up from my lawn?"


After a few weeks with no rain, Michael F., a West Vancouver homeowner, came home to a wet front lawn and noticed water was seeping from the soil. Needing a quick response, Michael looked at some online reviews and called Ashton Service Group. One of our techs, Jason, arrived within 20 minutes and shut off Michael's water supply to prevent further damage. Jason then set up an emergency water supply from a neighbor, so Michael could stay home while he figured out and fixed the problem.

Using radar and a drain inspection camera, Jason saw that the main water line, which was old and infested with tree roots, had collapsed. Jason inspected the rest of the line and found that it was in poor condition. He explained that the line would likely collapse soon if it wasn't replaced. Michael agreed and scheduled for our team to install a new water line.


The next day, Jason and another plumber, Ion, dug 2 small holes—one in Michael's yard and one in his home. Then, they used a boring machine (a horizontal tunnel drill) to dig a path for the new sewer line. They dug the new path beneath Michael's gardens and landscaping, leaving them untouched. On day 2, Jason and Ion installed the new sewer line and restored water to Michael's home. The entire installation only took a day and a half and Michael never even had to leave his home.

"Highly recommend their service"

Jason and Ion were great. Rather than trenching out a new waterline connection to the city from our house, they used a horizontal drilling machine to run the line under our gardens and landscaping, saving them from mutilation. There was minimal excavation done to gain access to two areas. Great job and they cleaned up upon completion. Would highly recommend their service to friends and family.

Michael F. from West Vancouver, BC

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