Furnace Tune-Up in Richmond, Vancouver and Beyond

Cut Energy Costs. Prevent Furnace Breakdowns. Save Your Warranty.

Our 24-point furnace tune-up helps keep heating costs down with professional maintenance.

Price: $199

3 benefits of a furnace tune-up

Keeps energy bills low

Tired of sky-high winter bills? A tune-up keeps your furnace working in tip-top shape, keeping your energy bills and stress low.

Helps prevent furnace breakdowns

A furnace tune-up catches small problems now before they become big costly problems later.

Saves your warranty

To maintain your furnace's warranty, most furnace manufacturers require that you get professional maintenance annually. Without the warranty during a repair, you'll always have to pay the cost of labour AND the part.

Your 24-point furnace tune-up includes:

  1. Test for carbon monoxide (a poisonous gas) at furnace
  2. Test gas pilot safety system
  3. Check combustion ventilation air supply
  4. Check for gas leaks downstream of the gas shutoff valve
  5. Remove hazardous materials from, near furnace area
  6. Inspect thermostat
  7. Visually inspect heat exchanger if accessible
  8. Clean and check main burners if accessible
  9. Clean burner vestibule
  10. Check, clean and adjust pilot as needed
  11. Examine flue and vent conditions
  12. Test operation of safety limits
  13. Check electrical control wiring
  14. Inspect filters and/or air cleaners
  15. Lubricate motor and fan conditions
  16. Check motor and fan conditions
  17. Check and adjust tension and alignment of fan belt pulleys
  18. Test pressure switches if applicable
  19. Test operation of primary limit switches
  20. Check operation of vent or blower if applicable
  21. Check operation of inducer if applicable
  22. Test sequence of operation of ignition system
  23. Check condition of condensate line and pump
  24. Check secondary heat exchanger if accessible

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