Dishwasher Installation in Richmond, Vancouver and Beyond

Leaking dishwasher? Or need a new one installed?

Service overview

  • Professional-grade appliance moving equipment (air dolly) means no damaged floors
  • Same-day service available
  • Average time to complete: 2–3 hours
  • Guarantee no leaks

Note: We are unable to repair broken dishwashers. We can only install new ones or repair waterline connections.

Service details

Ashton always answers...

Your questions

Got questions about your new dishwasher installation? Or simply want the old one removed and waterlines capped? Ashton's Red Seal plumbers can help.

Your needs

We won't rush you if you have questions, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. Tell us what you need and we'll make it happen!

Your concerns

We'll use protective coverings and and an air dolly to safely remove your old dishwasher and install your new one, preventing scratches on your floors and cabinets. You'll know the price before any work begins, so there's no sticker shock.

Your garburator repair in 3 clear steps

1) Schedule

Contact us online or call 604-283-2383 to schedule your dishwasher installation.

2) Plan your installation

Installing a new dishwasher is not as easy as it looks. Water supply, drain hook up, and electrical lines are required for your dishwasher to operate. If these lines are not already in place, we'll need to install them.

3) Protect your home

The biggest task of installing a dishwasher is physically removing and installing the unit. Dishwashers are heavy and incorrectly handling one can lead to leaks or scratched hardwood floors or cabinets. To prevent this, we will use an air dolly, a professional-grade moving appliance that will help us safely remove your old dishwasher and install your new one without damaging your home.

4) Test and clean up

After you dishwasher has been installed, we'll check to ensure there are no leaks. A leaking dishwasher can lead to thousands of dollars in water damage. We'll make sure it's done right.

5) Make sure you're satisfied

We'll give you a call 24 hours after your installation to ensure we exceeded your expectations.

Every Richmond dishwasher installation comes with:

100% satisfaction guarantee

Not satisfied with your dishwasher installation? Let us know in our follow-up call. We'll make it right.

1-year labour warranty

We stand behind our dishwasher installation work 1 year after service.

Cost to install a dishwasher in Richmond

  • Low: $242
  • Average: $437
  • High: $699

What affects price?

The price to install a dishwasher depends on:

  • Location of dishwasher (moving equipment may be needed for stairs)
  • If new electrical and waterlines need to be added
  • Access to new waterline or electrical line
  • Type of dishwasher


"Prompt, expert, and efficient"

Kevin from Ashton checked our dishwasher for potential leaks as several units in out townhome complex have experienced problems requiring expensive repairs. Kevin arrived on time, was curious and accommodating in price when shown a competing quote. Fortunately our dishwasher had no problems. He was informative when asked about better materials and practices. Also he fixed our water filter that had recently begun to leak because of a cracked vinyl connector, half of which was stuck in the canister cap and would not budge. He got it out and put the filter back together with new parts. Kevin's service was prompt, expert, and efficient, as all of the service members at Ashton have been for us in the past. I highly recommend their service.

— Roman P.
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What's wrong with my dishwasher?

My dishwasher is not draining:
A dishwasher not draining is one of the most common problems a homeowner will experience. A clogged drain hose is usually the cause of a dishwasher not draining and pooling water. Over time, the drain hose becomes clogged with food scraps and soap residue, resulting in a blockage in the hose. Cleaning the drain hose with compressed air or water can usually dislodge the debris. 

My dishwasher is leaking:
If your dishwasher is leaking, stop using it immediately and shut off the water supply to the dishwasher to prevent further leakage and damage to flooring. A leaking dishwasher can be caused by damaged or loose hoses or supply lines. Consult a professional plumber to inspect and replace any damaged waterlines. 

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