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Have a Leaking or Broken Faucet?

Service overview

  • Same-day service available
  • Price: Starting at $189
  • Average time to complete: 1–1.5 hours
  • 1 year labour warranty + manufacturer warranty

Service details

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Your emergencies

Have an annoying leak on your faucet or it just won't turn off? With our 24/7 emergency service, you can get your faucet repaired today.

Your questions

Worried about whether your faucet is worth repairing? Our plumbers will show you what's wrong and provide you with a few options to help make the right decision.

Your concerns

Have questions about the repair? Or types of faucets? Whether you want more info about single hole or two handle models, or you're just curious about your options, our plumber can answer your questions!

Your faucet repair or install in 3 clear steps

1) Schedule your service

Contact us online or call 604-283-2383 to schedule your faucet repair or install. Before your plumber arrives, you'll receive a bio by email, so you'll know who is coming to your door.

2) Repair or install your faucet

On the day of your service, we will:

  1. Speak with you to understand your problem and concerns.
  2. Inspect your current faucet and identify the problem.
  3. Explain the issue and offer you repair or replacement options.
  4. Repair your existing faucet or install your new one. Our trucks come 99% stocked with faucet parts, including gaskets and cartridges, so we can repair your faucet on the spot.
  5. Evaluate your entire plumbing system to make sure all of the vital components are operating safely and correctly.

3) Make sure you're satisfied

After the job is done, we'll leave your home looking spotless. We'll call you 24 hours after the service to ensure you're happy with our faucet work.

Every faucet service comes with:

100% satisfaction guarantee

Not satisfied with your faucet repair or install? Let us know in our follow-up call. We'll make it right.

1-year labour warranty

We stand behind our faucet repair or install work 1 year after service. We also check your entire plumbing system after we service it, so you'll have peace of mind knowing everything in your system is operating safely.

Cost to repair a bathroom/kitchen faucet

  • Low: $189
  • Average: $299
  • High: $399

What affects price?

Price is affected by:

  • Age of faucet
  • Availability of parts
  • Complexity of the repair. Some faucets take longer to disassemble and reassemble.

Cost to install a bathroom/kitchen faucet

  • Low $249
  • Average $349
  • High $499

What affects price?

Your faucet installation price depends on:

  • Cost of the faucet from the manufacturer
  • Whether the item is stocked or not
  • Single handle or 3 hole model
  • Whether the shut off's to the sink need replaced


Why does my faucet leak?

Leaky faucets are very common. Faucets often leak due to wear and tear of inner components such as rubber seats and plastic parts. As these parts age and are constantly exposed to hot and cold water, shrinkage, dry-rot and stress fractures develop over time. This causes seals to degrade and allows water seepage that results in leaks and drips.

When is it time to replace my faucet?

Faucets, like most items, range in price. From economical models to designer brass and stainless steel varieties, faucets come in all shapes and size. As such, when deciding to repair or replace the faucet, you should consider the costs. An old leaky faucet may not be worth repairing, as the cost of parts may be more than the cost to install a  new faucet. On occasion, older faucets that are no longer in production can't be repaired because the manufacturer no longer makes replacement parts.

If you need to replace your faucet, we recommend you replace it with a newer model that has a warranty. Once your faucet is old enough to start needing repairs, you can expect more to start showing up. Plus, a warranty on a new faucet can save you repair costs (and a few headaches) in the future. Don't worry if this sounds complicated! Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your faucet, provide you with a diagnosis and give you every option available.

Here are some brands of faucets we repair and replace:

  • Kohler
  • Moen
  • Delta
  • Grohe
  • American Standard Brands

Have a faucet you like in mind? Just let us know!

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