Outside Faucet Repair & Installation in Metro Vancouver

Have a Leaking Outside Faucet?

Service overview

  • Fast responses
  • Repair or replace frozen pipes
  • Outdoor tap (hose bibb) repair and replacement
  • Winter-proofing and insulating outdoor plumbing
  • Licensed plumbers

Service details

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Outdoor plumbing experts you can count on

If your garden hose faucet is leaking or pipes have cracked from freezing pipes, you've found the right place. When you book a service call with us, you can expect only licensed and uniform technicians, ready to tackle your plumbing problem.

Keeping your best interest in mind

Not all surprises are welcome. We know a frozen pipe or leaking outdoor faucet is not a surprise you want to find. By providing you with multiple options for your repair, we are here to make your repair as trouble free and economical as possible.

Ensuring your satisfactions

Your satisfaction is just as important as doing your plumbing your repair right. Within 24 hours after your service call, you can expect a phone call from our friendly customer service representatives to ensure we exceeded your expectations. Is something not 100% up to your expectations? Let us know and we'll make it right. That's been our promise to you for the past 30 years.

How to tackle a outdoor faucet repair

1) Don't let a frozen or leaking outdoor faucet put a damper on your day

Contact us online or call 604-283-2383 to schedule a plumber today. We'll be there in a flash.

2) Listen to you and understand your problem

Is your outdoor hose bibb leaking or your pipes have burst from freezing winters? Let us know what's wrong and we'll make sure its taken care of.

3) We provide you with repair options

We will talk with you to find the most most economical repair option.

4) We make sure you're happy with the service

We take our work seriously. Our job is not complete until you are 100% satisfied, which is why our customer service team will call you 24 hours after the repair. We make sure we exceeded your expectations!

Every outdoor faucet service comes with:

100% satisfaction guarantee

Not 100% satisfied with your service? Let us know in our follow-up call. We'll make it right.

1-year labour warranty

We stand behind our outside faucet work 1 year after service.

Work that's up to code

Our Red Seal certified plumbers will ensure your plumbing repair is done to code. An importer installation or repair may be cheap, but will cost you more in the long run.

Cost to repair or install outdoor faucets

  • Low: $99
  • Average: $169
  • High: $299

What affects price?

Price is affected by:

  • Severity of leak or damage
  • Condition of outdoor faucet and parts needed


What's a hose bibb?
The tap your outdoor garden hose attaches to is called a hose bibb, or sometimes called outside spigot. The faucet is always located on the outside of your home and is often used to supply cold water to garden hoses.

What should I do to avoid freezing pipes in the winter?
When winter come, so do calls from our customers about frozen outdoor pipes. So what can you do to avoid frozen pipes in the winter?

Method 1: Turn off water supply
For outdoor plumbing such as taps and hose bibbs, open the faucet and tap and allow the water to flow. Locate the water shutoff for the tap inside your home and close it. This will allow the water in the tap to evacuated avoid ice building up inside your outdoor plumbing.

Method 2: Install a frost-free hose bibb
A typical hose bibb you may find in your home is susceptible to freezing and cracking from frozen water left in the piping. A frost-free hose bibb has a built-in safety valve located in inside your home which allows warm (room temperature) water to flow into the tap, preventing it from freezing over during negative temperatures.

Method 3: Faucet cover and insulation
An outdoor faucet insulator or cover can also be used to guard against frozen or burst pipes. Typically, a hose bibb insulator is a large foam cover that can be attached to the faucet to insulate it against the cold weather. These faucet insulators can typically be purchased from Home Depot or Home Hardware.

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