Toilet Repair & Installation in Richmond, Vancouver and Beyond

Have a Running or Clogged Toilet?

Service overview

  • Same-day service available
  • Price: Starting at $99.99
  • Average time to complete: 1-4 hours
  • 1 year labour warranty + manufacturer warranty

Service details

Ashton always answers...

Your emergencies

Toilets can clog or spring leaks around the clock, that's why we're here 24/7. Stop the leak before it causes damage to your floors.

Your questions

Every wonder why your toilet keeps running? Our plumbers take the time to explain the problem clearly. No jargon. No rushing. No worries.

Your concerns

You'll get multiple options to repair or replace your toilet, no hidden costs, no surprises.

Your toilet repair or install in 3 clear steps

1) Schedule

Contact us online or call 604-283-2383 to schedule your toilet repair or install. Before your Red Seal plumber arrives, you'll receive a bio by email, so you'll know who is coming to your door.

2) Repair or install

On the day of your service, we will:

  • Put down protective coverings on the floor to ensure your flooring is kept clean and safe.
  • Speak with you to understand the problem and your needs.
  • Diagnose the issue and give you multiple options for your repair or installation.
  • Answer any questions you may have.

3) Follow up

We clean up after the job is complete and call you 24 hours after the service to ensure you are satisfied with our work.

Every toilet service comes with:

100% satisfaction guarantee

Not satisfied with your toilet repair or install? Let us know in our follow-up call. We'll make it right.

1-year labour warranty

We stand behind our toilet repair or install work 1 year after service.

Cost to repair a toilet

  • Low: $99.99
  • Average: $139.99
  • High: $299.99

What affects price?

Price is affected by:

  • Replacement parts needed
  • Type of toilet

Cost to install a toilet

  • Low $426
  • Average $600
  • High $899

What affects price?

Your toilet installation price depends on the type and model of toilet you wish to install.


"Professional and friendly"

I am a Value Plan customer with Ashton. I called to have my kitchen faucet repaired - which had come loose and was moving around on the counter. I spoke with Arlene who is always professional and friendly. Kevin R. arrived within an hour. As always, Ashton staff are professional. The repairs were made and my faucet was returned to working order.

— Karen and John K.
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Did you know there are many types of toilets?
It's true! There are a variety of toilets out there from standard 2 pieces to a more modern 1 pieces. Toilets are also available in standard heights (15 inches) and comfort heights (17–19 inches) from the floor to the bowl.

Repair or Replacement
Generally speaking, the toilet itself is very durable. If the toilet bowl and tank itself are not cracked or damaged, the toilet often just needs new seals to repair any leaks. The flapper mechanism inside the toilet tank can also be repaired.

So do I need a replacement?
Many home owners choose to install a new toilet when they feel the toilet is too old and has become unsanitary or wish to update to a more modern style. One advantage of newer toilets is the ability to have single or dual flush. This allows you to conserve water when it is not needed. Got questions? Just ask our friendly technicians for more details.

Why does my toilet keep running?
A running toilet is one of the most common problems a homeowner will run into. Much like faucets, toilets are in contact with water 24 hours a day. Water, age, and repeated use causes wear and tear on rubber gaskets, seals and other plastic components inside the water tank. Overtime, this will cause parts to break, crack or become loose and cause inadequate sealing or damage to the refilling mechanism. It is important to have a running toilet repaired as it will drive up your water bill.

Here are some brands we carry:

  • American Standard
  • Toto
  • Kohler

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